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Why Spelling Counts

How important is correct spelling? After all, it's the ideas that count, isn't it?

Consider for a moment the effect that a misspelled sign in your local supermarket has on those who notice. You might still buy "pickels," but you will smile. If, however, you see spelling errors on a letter offering you a deal on shares in a gold mine, you are not especially likely to invest. A well laid-out paper, correctly spelled, is a positive advertisement for yourself.

Spelling is not easy for everyone. If you have difficulty spelling accurately, you may have to spend more time consulting dictionaries and less time actually writing, but the result will be worth working for.

The best way to overcome spelling problems is to note the words you have trouble with and study them. Writing them out several times is one exercise that may be helpful or making up sentences that call attention to difficulties ("Business is no sin").

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