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Paragraphs That Build To A Climax

Build from matter-of-fact observation to a grand statement. The effect is a dramatic build toward a climactic moment:

The cultural laggards are noisy; but tangible events since the impasse was reached show net gains for dynamo behaviour and losses for stagecoach behavior; not only in the United States, but all over the world. Vendibility is definitely in retreat. Nation after nation has left the gold standard, to embark on managed currency policies in which the bankers correctly find no hope for maintaining a private monopoly of credit. The state has been forced to support millions of citizens without requiring the traditional quid pro quo of work, because there was no work for them to do. Autarchy has all but destroyed the world free market. Dictatorships, one after another, supersede voting, parliaments, checks, and balances. Centralization and government control of industry proceed at a violent pace. The end no man can foresee, but the general direction is clear enough. All industrial nations are in the turmoil of a transition period, seeking more or less blindly for stabilities which accord with technological imperatives. History is at one of its most momentous passages.

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