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Televison Programs

Present the information as follows:

Title of program, in italics; network; local station and city on which you saw or heard the program; broadcast date.

If appropriate, the title of the episode should be included in quotation marks, preceding the title of the program; the series title, without underlining or quotation marks, should follow the program title. Use a comma between the station and the city, and periods after all other items. Include other pertinent information (director, producer, narrator) as appropriate.

"Agnes, the Indomitable de Mille." Narr. Agnes de Mille. Prod. Judy Kinberg. Dir. Merrill Brockway. Dance in America. Exec. prod. Jac Venza. Great Performances. PBS. WGBH, Boston. 8 May 1987.

The First Americans. Narr. Hugh Downs. Writ. and prod. Craig Fisher. NBC News Special. KNBC, Los Angeles. 21 Mar. 1968.

If your reference is primarily to the work of a particular individual, cite that person's name first.

Dickens, Charles. The Life and Adventures of Nicholas Nickleby. Adapt. David Edgar. Dir. Trevor Nunn and John Caird. With Roger Rees and Emily Richard. Royal Shakespeare Co. Mobil Showcase Network. WNET, New York. 10-13 Jan. 1983.

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