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A bibliography is a complete list of all the works consulted in your research, even if you do not quote, paraphrase, or refer to each one in your essay. A list of "Works Cited" includes only those works cited in your essay. Check with your instructor to see which is required.

Put the list of "Works Cited" or "Bibliography" at the end of your essay, on a separate page, headed (oddly enough) "Works Cited" or "Bibliography." Entries should be in alphabetical arrangement, double-spaced, with the second and subsequent lines of an entry offset (indented) about a centimetre.

In general, the information you provide for each entry should follow this order:


Frye, Northrop. Anatomy of Criticism: Four Essays. Princeton: Princeton UP, 1957.

Bate, Walter Jackson, ed. Criticism: The Major Texts. New York: Harcourt, 1952.


Hagerman, Edward. "Consumer Capitalism and Culture: The American Way." The Canadian Review of American Studies 18 (1987): 34-42.

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