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Musica Baltica Ltd, music publisher, with its main office in Riga, Latvia specializes in publishing the works of Latvian contemporary composers. If you are looking for Latvian choral music, or exciting and interesting new chamber music you have come to the right place.

Using our extensive database you can search directly in the catalogue by Composer/Author or Title.

Some hard-to-find works that can be ordered on line from us are:
Thinking about including some Latvian choral music in your concert programme? Ask about pdf sales for choirs.

The Musica Baltica Ltd shop in Riga offers:
  • sheet Music
  • school music text books and exercise books
  • books about music
  • manuscript paper and exercise books
  • documentation for music and art schools
  • second-hand music editions
  • recordings
  • editions from other music publishers.

Opening Times:
10am - 6pm Weekdays
11am - 4pm Saturdays