Writing Argumentative Essays

Answer to Task 1: Dividing the arguments into "For" and "Against"

againstSetting aside rooms for smokers does not mean that the harmful effects of smoking are limited to smokers alone (Rugby, 1989).
forBanning smoking in all public places is another example of the way the government uses health and safety issues as a cover for introducing increasigly tight over people's lives
againstMost public buildings are air conditioned and this means that any harmful tobacco smoke that is produced in one room will spread to other rooms through the air conditioning system.
against Because we rightfully have a universal health insurance system in this country, the costs of treating tobacco-related illnesses are shared by all the community, smokers and non-smokers alike.
againstThese illnesses create a terrible and expensive burden on our health system.
for Forbidding smokers from pursuing their habit in public places is an infringement of their democratic rights and is discriminatory (Jane Black, the spokesperson for Smokers for a Democratic Society, The Age 18.6.93). .
forPublic buildings are places where all members of the community should have equal access.
againstThey increase the overall cost of medical services and use up scarce medical resources.
for People should be free to do what they like so long as it does not harm other citizens.

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