Writing Argumentative Essays

Converting an informal text into a formal text

On this page you will be given a text about the issue of whether the government should introduce tighter controls on the ownership of guns. The text is written in an informal style. When we are speaking about these issues we usually use an informal style like the one below. So the text contains the type of language we use in spoken debates or discussions. However, we have seen in this unit of study that argumetative essays use a much more formal academic style. You will be asked to rewrite the text in this formal academic style.

Task: Changing an informal argumentative text into a formal argumentative paragraph
The following text is written in an informal tone. Rewrite it in a more formal tone

Main premise: The government should introduce tighter gun controls
Jack Spring thinks that everyone should have the right to own a gun but I don't agree with him. People like him think that the government is infringing our democratic rights when it restricts gun ownership. They think that most people who own guns are responsible citizens who keep the guns for sport and recreation. They also think that the police are unable to stop violent crime and we need guns to protect ourselves. But I think he's wrong. I agree with Josephine Bluff who thinks that guns increase the amount of violent crime in the community. I also think that human life is worth more than sporting shooters right to go shooting on the weekend. And I also think that many of the guns that are kept around the house end being used in violent domestic disputes or teenage suicides.

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