Writing Argumentative Essays

Possible answers to Task 2

Non-debatable Debatable
Alcohol Alcohol can be legally sold to adults over the age of 18 in Victoria Drinking alcohol is always bad for your heath
Television Televison broadcasting began in Australia in 1956. Pay (or cable) television will become more popular than free-to-air televsion in the next 10 years.
Public Transport Trains, trams and buses are all forms of public transport. Public transport is more economically efficient than private car transport.
The Australian education system There are three main levels in the Australian education system: primary, secondary and tertiary The Australian education system provides the highest quality education in the Asia-Pacific region.
The Prime Minister The Prime Minister is elected by a vote of all the members of the House of Representatives The Prime Minister should be directly elected by all the citizens of Australia.

The words and phrases that are in italics all tell you that these are debatable statements. These words show that the writer is not stating facts but is giving opinions or making speculations.

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