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Arts and Science Credit Courses

The Faculty of Arts and Science offers a number of credit courses in writing, including some in creative writing as well as in composition and professional writing. Look in the calendars for the St. George and U of T at Mississauga campuses for further information about courses mentioned here.

If you are in a professional faculty, check your own calendar to see whether you can take one of these courses as an elective. (See also the creditand non-credit courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering, listed below).


For information about ENG 100H (Effective Writing) and ENG 269Y (Writing: Purposes, Strategies, Processes), see the St. George calendar entry under "English". Innis College now offers two courses on academic and persuasive writing: INI 203Y (Foundations of Written Discourse, formerly Clear Discourse) and INI204Y (The Academic Writing Process). They are listed in the calendar under "Innis College."

Rhetoric and Professional Writing

U of T at Mississauga offers a minor program in Professional Writing. Courses in the program are key components of the new program in Communication, Culture and Information Technology. They include these titles:

Innis College has developed a range of courses on writing, with a focus on rhetoric and professional communication. These are their main offerings:

Creative Writing


Arts and Science Non-Credit Courses

Students in the Faculty of Arts and Science may take a FREE non-credit course that will give them extra experience with specific types of writing. If they complete all the assigned coursework, they will receive a notation on their transcript.


School of Graduate Studies Non-Credit Courses

The new Office of English Language and Writing Support at SGS has set up a wide range of free non-credit courses. They offer practice and instruction in the types of oral and written communication done by graduate students. Some courses are intended specifically for non-native speakers of English. Check for the updated list of courses (and other types of instruction) at the ELWS website. Choose the course that best suits your needs, and sign up fast -- spaces are limited!

Engineering Credit Courses

Technical Writing

See the Engineering calendar for descriptions of these courses and information on requirements and eligibility.

Written and Oral Communication


Engineering Non-Credit Courses

For Undergraduates

For Graduate Students


Courses in English as a Second Language

U of T at Scarborough offers several credit courses that are specially designed for university students whose first language is not English. All courses require the permission of the instructor. To find out more about the courses and the procedures for enrolment, visit English for Academic Purposes.

The new Office of English Language and Writing Support at the School of Graduate Studies includes free non-credit courses for non-native speakers of English as part of its offerings. Check the ELWS webpage to see the array of programming at this new operation.

See the News page for information on specialized workshops and courses that may be offered free of charge from time to time. Arts and Science students should also consider taking the free non-credit course WRT 305H listed above, offered in Fall term.

The School of Continuing Studies offers non-credit courses on academic writing for students learning English. People who successfully complete the 15-week course called Academic Preparation are exempt from further English facility testing for admission to undergraduate programs. For more information about fees and starting times see the website or call the Coordinator at 416 978-2494.


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