ITA Consultant Ltd.


ITA’s expertise is a new but rather solid for recently established company. It is mainly built up of its staff’s incredible experience while working in different high positions in governmental, municipal and other organizations and institutions. It is well based on project management experience in Latvia - a country in transition.

ITA Consult Ltd. is the first private, independent project management and consulting firmin Latvia working in the social field and Public Health. ITA is established in 1997 and has already made its first steps in planning, consultancy, project management, health research, epidemiology and training projects on behalf of national and international institutions and private sector in the health and social fields.

The goals
ITA’s main and principal objective is to make the clients satisfied by offering them expertise and cost effective teamwork. Teamwork also means that we traditionally work together with clients at all levels. This requires high standards of performance and quality of services. ITA Consultant Ltd. always acts in accordance with the existing legislation, rules and regulations.

Main Areas of Activity

Management issues

Technical assistance / Consulting services

Health economy and financing services

These activities are carried out during:
the preparatory - inception phase
the implementation phase of projects and programs
the operational phase

Project experience
Broad practical experience of the consultants and knowledge gained from participating in different projects combined together with appropriate methodologies provide a sound basis for successful project work.

We hope to expand constantly and we are ready to adapt the scope of services offered by company in accordance with the changing requirements. The company is also looking forward to develop a stable and long-lasting co-operation network with numerous national and international partners.

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