Gunnars Edmunds Postnieks - 'Gunar', YL2PG

Born 18 December 1950. On air since 1968. Ex UQ2PG. Graduated Radioengineer, works for The Latvia Telecommunication State Inspection: duties include radioamateur examinations. See Gunnar at his desk (370 kB) and inspecting some antennas (86 kB).
Station: HF/VHF transceiver, simple antennas. Enjoys casual QSO and contests, favourite mode is CW, dislikes HF SSB.
Daughter Linda licensed as YL3GCA.

Front of YL2PG's QSL-card:

View South over the most ancient part of Riga.
Daugava, Latvia's largest river is in the background.
The 368 m high red tower (unfortunately not shown in full) carries VHF/UHF broadcasting and various communication antennas.
YL2PG's QTH is five km North-East from this place.
Photograph by Indrikis Sturmanis.

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