YL2PG's Bookmarks on Packet Radio

Revised February 1999

Amateur Packet Radio Contacts
AmprNet TORUN Hams WWW Home Page
APRS Amateur Radio Packet Position Reporting System APRS GPS
Electronic Industries Association/Telecommunications Industry Association Recommended Standard 232
Gateways FAQ
SIMREX Corporation
JNOS 111X4
Kantronics - Radio-TNC Wiring Diagram
Minnie's Home Page
OZ2BOX Packet Radio Systems. Denmark
Packet radio - lšnkinformation
Setting up a Packet-Internet Gateway
Subnet Range Checker
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio Organization
The Gateways Home Page
The Packet Radio Home Page
Tucson Amateur Packet Radio (TAPR) Home Page
Yahoo! - News and Media:Radio:Amateur and Ham Radio:Packet Radio

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