What's New at Ham Radio Latvia

2011-11-19 Moved this historical stuff away from the main site and updated essential links, and deleted dead links.
2008-04-30 Updated main page to reflect new Latvian amateur radio rules just adopted by the Government
2004-04-20 Did some essential updates and mended some links, and tried to delete my email address from every file where it once appeared - I'm really getting bogged down with spam. I'm sure my readers will anyway find out how to contact me.
2004-02-12 Deleted an article at authors reguest and updated the list of repeaters.
2000-08-24 Added link to Activity Group of Belarus & EU1EU home page
2000-08-23 Added link to European World Wide Award
2000-06-24 Checked and updated some links
2000-01-12 Added link to the Federation of American Scientists
2000-01-07 Checked links and updated everything.

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