Riga DX Cluster

Oleg Ostrzigallo, YL3DW, put the first Latvian DX (distant station) cluster on air for a week in November 1998. It was connected to the world-wide amateur DX alerting network. To receive DX alerts right in your shack, all you had to do was connect by packet radio to Oleg's station YL3DW-4, and you got on your screen something like this:

DX de 9A2TW:      21009.2 EZ0AB        0833Z via UA4FAO
DX de G3JNB:      24909.0 JF2IWP       0832Z
DX de OE5PX:      24960.0 BA4CH        0833Z
DX de 9A2TW:      21275.0 EZ3AD        0834Z PSE SPOT IF YOU HEAR
DX de G4BUE:       7005.6 6Y5/DK3FW    0828Z correct call
DX de OZ1FQR:     14273.0 YI1IS        0839Z CQ
DX de G4SOZ:      24950.0 BD4ED        0832Z UP 3
DX de ON4ON:      24950.0 BD4ED        0838Z BOX 085299 Shanghai
DX de DL2MIJ:     28465.0 5B4/RZ3TX    0838Z +30db
DX de G0YLM:      21313.0 JA4FQD       0840Z
DX de DK0HY:      18073.0 3D2VU        0839Z short path
DX de G4JCC:      24945.0 ZL2AAG       0840Z Eric
DX de SP1DPA-2:   18073.0 3D2VA        0846Z via: WA2NHA
DX de DK0HY:      18073.0 3D2VA        0842Z short path ---exc--
DX de I1UP:       21025.0 JA2FUA       0842Z
DX de JF1WPB:     24941.0 EA9IE        0842Z CQ
DX de SP1DPA-2:   18079.0 K9AW/DU6     0849Z
DJ5BV shouts: 3d2va dxcc?
DX de DL8HCO:     24941.1 EA9IE        0852Z wks JA now
DX de DL8HCO:     24941.0 EA9IE        0852Z wks JA now
The above is a copy of what actually was on the cluster on 23 November 1998.

Technical details

QTH	: Riga, Latvia, KO26cw

Software: CLUSSE v.031 by OH7LZB with BPQ switch, JNOS 111x7
          all software on single PC under windows
	  Download the Command Manual (14k zipped Word-2)

Hardware: 486DX-100 + KPC-3 
TX      : Kenwood TS-790 + PA 160w output to 9el YAGI

Access  : via YL3DW-4 cluster or YL3DW-7 node on 144.65 MHz
          telnet  (yl3dw.ampr.org)

SysOp   : YL3DW, Oleg yl3dw@ardi.lv or yl3dw@yl1zu.ampr.org

Internet connection was via YL1ZU, the Riga AMPRnet-Internet Gateway.

Oleg is one of Latvia's leading contesters, he is on the air since the end of the sixties. Oleg intended to keep the cluster running constantly, but for unknown reasons it went off air after a week. Let's see how things develop.


Oleg: All smiles | All modes, I mean all Both 150K JPG

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