Automatic Position Reporting at YL1ZU

APRS in action

YL1ZU - the club station of the Latvian University's Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science - undertook real-time mobile position reporting experiments via the World Wide Web on 3 May 1997. A mobile station equipped with a GPS receiver, TNC and VHF transmitter drove around Riga. Data from the GPS receiver was automatically sent by packet radio to the YL1ZU base station at KO26BW and further to a Web page server showing the mobile's real-time position on maps, similar as below. Warning: You will need a Java-capable browser!

Authors of the project were inspired by Steve Dimse, K4HG (ex KO4HD).
Further reading on APRS
Java FAQ (in Latvian)

The initial semi-automatic GPS experiment at YL1ZU on 1 December 1996

YL1ZU also runs an AMPR Gateway

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