Riga AMPR net gateway YL1ZU

YL1ZU, the club station of the Latvian University's Institute of Mathematics and Computer Science, was running an AMPR net packet radio gateway for a couple of years beginning 5 May 1997. Hams in and around Riga could exchange messages world-wide within the ampr.org domain.

The idea and initiative for amateur packet radio experiments at the institute belongs to Dr. Guntis Barzdins, computer scientist, a.k.a. technical director of Latvia's first and largest Internet service provider Latnet. The station came on air in November 1996, experimenting with AX25 packet radio and APRS. TCP/IP connection to the Internet using amateur TNC's was also successfuly tested and quite naturally the team looked forward to setting up an AMPR net gateway.

Having never done packet encapsulation before and lacking free time, there was a lull at YL1ZU until Vytas Matonis, LY2IC (Kaunas, Lithuania) very kindly stepped in with experience gained from successfully implementing such systems in Lithuania. Vytas made vital contribution by giving ample advice and programming the YL1ZU machine. He technicaly did this by FTP from his home QTH - a fine example of international friendship by amateur radio in the global village.

Regretfully, due to lack of time and other interests the station has closed down.



Host name yl1zu.ampr.org
IP address
IP address coordinator Gunar, YL2PG


BBS call-sign YL1ZU-4
Operating frequency 144.650 MHz
Set TX Delay 700 ms: cmd: txd 70 . YL1ZU's squelch is sluggish :-(


Kantronics™ KPC-3, 486 computer, ethernet connection to Internet, Bulgarian-made Lyon-160 transceiver. Output power 10 Watts to a ground-plane antenna on top of a five-storey building located at KO26BW.


Phil Karn's, KA9Q JNOS jn111x5z, modified from jn111x5 by Rimas, LY3OD. Y2K uncompatible - update expected.


Opening ceremony | First packet radio QSO Both 18K JPG
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