Wireless resources

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Paper from 1996 "Wireless Internet Access in Latvia"
ARLAN distance calculator original and updated Latvian version.

Created in 1999, Presented at INET'99 conferrence June 23-25, 1999

SmartARP resources

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SmartARP server for Windows 95
Linux based bridge and smartARP server, Version 23/6/99 (1.44MB FDD bootable image - use rawrite.exe to create diskette.) Install up to six NE2000 compatible PCI Ethernet cards (10Mbps or 10/100Mbps) in the PC box and boot from this diskette. A Cisco IOS like interface will come up with online help. The default configuration is that PC box acts as transparent Ethernet bridge (Ethernet switch) between all installed Ethernet interfaces. Make sure that it works in this mode, and only then disable broadcast forwarding and configure smartARP according to your needs. Here is source and desription (in Latvian) of this program, written by Janis Dzerins ( jonis@latnet.lv ).

For more info, questions, or suggestions, contact authors at: guntis@latnet.lv

Created in 1999, Presented at
TNNC'99 conferrence June 7, 1999

February 22, 2000. Latest SmartARP developments.
SmartARP v3.0 for Windows NT is now available thanks to Karlis Ogsts ( k.ogsts@konts.lv ). This server is more advanced than previous servers for W95 and Linux in the way that it allows to use also ARP requestor source IP address as a parameter in SmartARP configuration. This feature allows use of SmartARP also with secondary IP addresses. Another new feature in v3.0 is possibility to log SmartARP activities to Logfile. Source of SmartARP v3.0 for Windows NT.

A switch which supports MAC unicast (but not broadcast or multicast) forwarding between VLANs has been found. This feature is present in the Switch 9300 of 3Com and it is enabled with operation mode named "allOpen". This finding was reported by Luis Rafael ( lrafael@ipg.pt ). According to 3Com "AllOpen" feature is present in 3Com SuperStack II Switch 9300 and Switch 3900. Under name "FastIP ON" this feature is also present in 3Com SuperStackI II Switch 1100 and Switch 3300, and probably (according to catalogue) also in SuperStack II Switch 610 and Switch 630. 3Com implementation of FastIP requires use of proprietary NIC drivers, but use of smartARP allows to use these switches in FastIP mode with standard NICs.

Final nice news is that our paper about SmartARP has appeared in the "Computer Networks" journal nicely printed. Bibliographic refference:

A.Sidorovs, G.Barzdins, J.Lacis, K.Ogsts, SmartARP: merging IP and MAC addressing for low-cost gigabit Ethernet networks, Computer Networks, Volume 31, Number 21, 10 November 1999, Elsevier Science B.V, pp. 2193-2204. ISSN 1389-1286

November 6, 2000: A paper GLOBAL HIERARCHICALLY ADDRESSED NON-BROADCAST ETHERNET by Andris Sidorovs and Martins Erts has been presented at 2nd topical seminar on global and local networks for research and education. Certosa di Pontignano,Siena 6-9 Nov 2000.