Possibilities of education and training:

- Possibilities for training in fruit growing for students (University of Latvia, Latvia University of Agriculture, Bulduri Gardening School) and fruit growers.

- ESF project Nr.VPD1/ESF/NVA/05/APK/  “Possibilities of raising the qualification of unemployed young people in the work market of fruit growing and related fields”  identif. Nr. VPD1/ESF/NVA/05/APK/ (2007 – 2008)

- Project of Leonardo da Vinci program – Placement of young fruit growers in Germany (2004 – 2005)

- Training for integrated fruit growing (2006)

- Cooperation with advisors in fruit growing: Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre and other fruit growers

- Annual Farmers days in spring (March, April) and autumn (August, September).