Current projects


COST Action 873 „Bacterial diseases of stone fruits and nuts” B.Duffy (head of project, Switzerland), E.Kaufmane, S.Ruisa, I.Moročko-Bičevska (participants) - (2006 - 2011)

ES COST Action 863 “Euroberry research: from genomics to sustainable production, quality and health” B.Mezzetti (head of project, Italy), S.Strautiņa, I.Moročko-Bičevska, D. Segliņa (participants) (2004 - 2008)  

Project of bilateral cooperation with Iowa State University, USA „Evaluation of North American apple rootstocks in Latvia”. Māra Skrīvele (head of project) (1997 – continued)
RIBESCO - Core collection of Northern European gene pool of Ribes – Grant under Council Regulation (EC) No 870/2004 AGRI GEN RES 071. Sarmīte Strautiņa (head of project in Latvia) (2007-2011)

Projects with EU co-funding

ESF National program "Support to applied research in state research institutions " ERDF project Nr. VPD1/ERAF/CFLA/05/APK/2.5.1./ 000082 “ Development of a database of woody plants in Latvia” Edīte Kaufmane (head of project) (2006 - 2008)

ESF project Nr.VPD1/ESF/NVA/05/APK/  “Possibilities of raising the qualification of unemployed young people in the work market of fruit growing and related fields”. Dalija Segliņa (head of project) (2007 - 2008)

EUREKA project Nr. E!3490 „Functional food ingredients from plant products”. (2006 - 2009)


State research programs

State research program Nr.05.12.00 “New medicines and means of biocorrection: concstructing, forms of transport and mechanisms of action“ Project Nr. 12 “A model of plant viruses for the construction of vaccines and identifying of viruses” (head of SRP – Institute of Organic Synthesis). (2007 - 2008)
State research program Nr.9 since 0.06.06. „Innovative technologies for the development of high-value, safe and healthy food products from genetically, physiologically and biochemically various plant and animal material” project Nr. 2 „High-value Latvian berries: from cultivar to high-quality, healthy and safe product” (head of SRP – Latvian University of Agriculture). (2006 - 2009)

National subsidies (Ministry of Agriculture)

Program for the preservation of genetic resources of cultivated plants “Preservation, research, increasing of fruit plant genetic resources, performance of DUS testing”. Edīte Kaufmane (head of project) (2008)

Specification of environment-friendly technologies in fruit and berry plantations in different soil, and climatic conditions. M. Skrīvele (head of project) (2007 – continued)

Documentation, collection, evaluation of plants used in agriculture and food, and the economical investigation of their preservation. (Nr.2007/32-IP). (head of project – Centre of Genetic resources, Research Institute of Forestry “Silava”) (2007 - 2008)

Projects of the Latvian Council of Science

Breeding and technological research of fruit plants suitable for integrated production (LCS research project Nr.05.1607). (2007 - continued)