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Plant trading


Cultivars developed at the Institute

Greenhouses and nursery


The Institute owns a complex of three greenhouses, in total 900 m2. During 1998 – 2001 the glass cover was changed to polycarbonate, preserving the old metal constructions, and one greenhouse was equipped with a shading system. Greenhouses are used for propagation of planting material both for research aims and for sale.

Greenhouses help to speed up the breeding process, e.g. hybrid seedlings are grown in the greenhouses. Plants are propagated with green cuttings, experimenting with use of different substrates as well as growth stimulants for easier rooting. The method is used for plants which are difficult to propagate otherwise and for fast propagation of small quantities of plants. To meet the growing demand for Latvian lilac varieties, they are also propagated in greenhouses.


The nursery of LSIFG has a 0.5 ha virus-free rootstock mother plantation. Planting material of fruit trees and small fruits is annually propagated in an area of 1 – 1.5 ha.

The nursery performs:

1) propagation of elite breeding hybrids and new, promising varieties for wider testing,

2) in agreement with growers – propagation of fruit and berry varieties recommended for commercial growing in Latvia,

3) propagation of less known crops and new varieties for the sale to home gardeners.