In the framework of State research programs, ERDF, subsidy and other projects: cooperation with the Latvian University of Agriculture - Institute of Agrobiotechnology and Faculty of Food Technology, with University of Latvia – Faculties of Biology and Chemistry, with Latvian Research and Study Centre of Biomedicine, with in the framework of the research project with Riga Technical University.

 Testing of promising fruit crop cultivars and development of orchard management techniques for commercial growing: in cooperation with Latvian Plant Protection Research Centre, with Latvian University of Agriculture - Institute of Mechanization and Institute of Water and Soil, with farms in different regions of Latvia.

 Development and biochemical evaluation of innovative fruit and berry products: in cooperation with the Latvian University of Agriculture – Faculty of Food Technology, with University of Latvia – Faculty of Chemistry, with Institute of Organic Synthesis and with several fruit and berry processing enterprises.

 Preservation of fruit crop genetic resources: in cooperation with Genetic Resources Centre, Latvia State Forestry Science Institute “Silava”, and Pure Horticultural Research Centre.


Cooperation with agriculture interest groups in Latvia, as well as with individual enterprises in the field of fruit growing and production of healthy food

 Commercial fruit growing in Latvia, since its beginning in 1990-ties, has always been based on the scientific research done at he Institute, as well as the know-how and long-term experience of the Institute staff, obtained in variety studies, development of modern Technologies for fruit growing and processing and in wide international cooperation.

 The Institute (Dobele HPBES) in 1998 was the initiator in the forming of the Latvian Fruit growers Association (LFGA) Latvian Fruitgrowers Association, with which it has close cooperation. Researchers of the Institute are in the Board of LFGA and active participants and organizers of different activities (seminars, lectures, exhibitions and Farmers Days). Through the Association, the newest information obtained in scientific research is passed over to growers. Scientists give consultations at the Institute, as well as during field visits to farms.

 Following the recommendation of the Institute (Dobele HPBES), in 2000 a fruit grower consulting group was organized at the Latvian Rural Advisory and Training Centre (LRATC). The advisors regularly received the newest research results from the Institute. The Institute scientists also participate in activities organized by Department of Agriculture and consulting bureaus in different regions of Latvia.

  Institute (Dobele HPBES) in 2002 started cooperation with Latvian supermarkets in the sale of fruits, in 2003 the sale was handed over to the fruit growers cooperative “Lieldārzi”.

 Since 1999 close cooperation has developed with fruit and berry processing enterprises in Latvia and Sweden. Several market-oriented and international research projects have been carried out resulting in new products which have already been introduced into production and are sold in shops.

 In cooperation with the Latvia Ministry of Agriculture a system of production trials of fruit varieties (including organic growing) at farms has been developed. LSIFG does the collecting of data and publishes the results.


At present Institute participates in 6 international projects:

  „Characterization of the Latvian and Swedish sweet and sour cherry genetic resources using molecular markers”   (in cooperation with Swedish Agricultural University and Chair of Horticulture, Michigan State University, USA).

 „Evaluation of Northern American apple rootstocks” (in cooperation with Iowa State University, USA).

  COST projekts “Euroberry research: from genomics to sustainable production, quality and health” (2004.-2007.);

  COST projekts „Bacterial diseases of stone fruits and nuts” (2006.-2011.),

EUREKA project „Functional food ingredients from plant products” (2006-2008) in cooperation with Lithuanian and Serbian scientists,

  EU funded project  „Core collection of Northern European gene pool of Ribes„ (RIBESCO) (2007 - 2011),

  Exchange if breeding material and scientific information with research institutions: Lithuanian Institute of Horticulture, Babtai; Institute of Horticulture and Breeding, Holovousy, Czech Republic; Horticulture Research Centre Ullensvang, Norway; Polli Horticultural Research Centre, Estonia; Institute of Fruit Growing, Republic of Belarus; Institute of Pomology and Floriculture, Skierniewice, Poland, etc.

In total the scientists of our Institute actively participate in different level research projects in cooperation with over 24 research institutions in Europe, USA and Canada. Since 2002 Institute represents Latvia in EUFRIN - European Fruit Research Institute Network. Since 2001 Institute (Dobele HPBES) is a member of IPGRI - International Plant Genetic Resources Institute, ECPGR - European cooperative programme for crop genetic resources networks Prunus, Malus un Pyrus working groups. For 10 years the Institute (Dobele HPBES) scientists are active members of ISHS - International Society for Horticultural Science and EUCARPIA - European association for research on plant breeding.