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D. Zeps (1980, 2009) An Exhaustive Search Algorithm for Finding Hamiltonian Cycles (in Russian), MathPages., HAL
D. Zeps (1994, 2009) Graphs as rotations, MathPages, KAM Series, (96-327), HAL,
D. Zeps (1998,2009) The theory of combinatorial maps and its use in the graph-topological computations. PhD thesis , students, HAL
D. Zeps (1998, 2009) Free Minor Closed Classes and the Kuratowski theorem, MathPages, KAM Series, (98-409), HAL,
D. Zeps (2004, 2009) Latin Dictionary Tools in Internet. The First Baltic Conference. Human Language Technologies, The Baltic Perspective, Riga, Latvia, April 21-22, 2004. pp.179-182, MathPages , HAL

D. Zeps (2007) Classical and quantum self-reference systems in physics and mathematics , MathPages, KAM Series, (2007-807)
D. Zeps (2007, 2010) 4-Critical Wheel Graphs of Higher Order MathPages,
D. Zeps (2008) Rudolf Steiner. On mathematics and Reality (in Latvian), MathPages, SciRePrints
D. Zeps (2008, 2009) Combinatorial map as multiplication of combinatorial knots, MathPages, KAM Series, (2008-864), HAL
D. Zeps (2009) Application of the Free Minor Closed Classes in the Context of the Four Color Theorem, MathPages, HAL
D. Zeps (2009) Forbidden Minors for Projective Plane are Free-Toroidal or Non-Toroidal, MathPages, ITI Series
D. Zeps (2009)Four levels of complexity in mathematics and physics, MathPages, SciRePrints,
D. Zeps (2009) Science and Religion: Controverse or Complementarity. In: 67th conference, section: Faculty of Theology; Science and Religion Dialogue, 2009. 27.02, University of Latvia, SciRePrints
D. Zeps (2007-2010). On to what effect LHC experiment should arrive , MathPages, SciRePrints, viXra, prespacetime
D. Zeps (2009) Quantum Distinction: Quantum Distinctiones!, MathPages, LJS, HAL
D. Zeps (2009) The Learning of Ancient Languages as (super)Human Effort , MathPages , Cogprints, viXra,
D. Zeps (2009, 2010) World's Economy: What is Money? Physicist's approach to tendencies in world's economy , MathPages, MPRA Paper ,
D. Zeps (2009, 2010) Answer to the Question What is Money: Gauge Freedom. Physicist's approach to tendencies in world's economy , MathPages MPRA Paper ,
D. Zeps (2005, 2010). Cognitum hypothesis and cognitum consciousness. How time and space conception of idealistic philosophy is supported by contemporary physics , MathPages, SciRePrints, JCER,
D. Zeps (2009) Lexical Key to some book of Syriac New Testament. Sirie�u Jaunas Deribas dažu gramatu leksiska atslega, students
D. Zeps (2009, 2010) The Double Rotation as Invariant of Motion in Quantum Mechanics , MathPages , SciRePrints , Prespacetime ,
D. Zeps (2009,2010) The One Savior Paradigm, MathPages , , MPRA Paper, Ideas, SciGodJournal
Emanuels Grinbergs, Dainis Zeps (2010) Threeconnected Graphs with Only One Hamiltonian Circuit, dropBox
,D. Zeps (2004-2010) Combinatorial Maps. Tutorial. Internet Book sisenis ,
D. Zeps (2010) Our Ability to Research Comes Before Understanding of What We Research MathPages ,, SciRePrints, JCER
M.Tenisons, D. Zeps (2010) Ornamental Sign Language in the First Order Tracery Belts MathPages ,, SciRePrints, prespacetime
D.Zeps (2010) Combinatorial Maps with Normalized Knot, MathPages, HAL,,
D.Zeps (2011) Quanta Mathematica Instrumentalis, HAL,, DropBox, Cogprints, Prespacetime, MathPages

Articles in MathPages only:

D. Zeps (2008) Hologram and distinction. The physics of time, MathPages
D.Zeps (2008) The trouble with physics. How physics missed main part of the observer, and what comes next, MathPages
D. Zeps (2008) Space particle duality, MathPages
D.Zeps (2008) Trouble with physical interpretations or time as aspect of reference system of life, MathPages
D.Zeps (2008) Mathematical mind and cognitive mashine, slideshow, (in Latvian), MathPages
D.Zeps (2008) Mathematical mind and cognitive mashine (in Latvian), MathPages
D. Zeps (2008) Cogito ergo sum, MathPages
D.Zeps (2009) What we are dealing in mathematics with. Selfdefining text (in Latvian), MathPages
D. Zeps (2009) Mathematics as Reference System of Life: preliminary observations, MathPages
D. Zeps (2009) Building Mathematics via Theorem Windows, MathPages
D.Zeps (2009) On reference system of life, MathPages
D.Zeps (2009) Inside Outside Equivalence in Mathematics and Physics, MathPages
D.Zeps (2009) Mathematics: Reductionism and Pythagorean Numbers as Reconstruction of Expelled Wholism (in Latvian), MathPages
D.Zeps (2009) Mathematics and Physics is the same. In way to its simplification (in Latvian), MathPages
D.Zeps (2009) Our abilities to research come before understanding about what we research (in Latvian), MathPages
D.Zeps (2009) On The Functionality of Life (in Latvian), MathPages ,
D.Zeps (2010) Math is Phys, MathPages
D.Zeps (2011) On experience to maintain small interdisciplinary repository SciRePrints, MathPages .pdf MathPages .ppt
D.Zeps (2011) On quantum windows or theorem windows: new approach to observer principle in physics, MathPages
D. Zeps (2017) Project Russia: Что на Руси творится. On To What In The Contemporary Russia Goes On, Sigmanet, Kaija, ResearchGate,, WordPress
D. Zeps (2017) Project Russia: О России и Москальском Ханстве , Sigmanet
D. Zeps (2017) Project Russia: Упорядочение информационного поля , Sigmanet
D. Zeps (2017) Project Russia: Ius gentium , Sigmanet
D. Zeps (2017) Project Russia: Чем отличается идеология , Sigmanet
D. Zeps (2017) Project Russia: Украинский вопрос , Sigmanet
D. Zeps (2017) Project Russia: гардеробщицы , Sigmanet
D. Zeps (2017) Project Russia: гражданственность собственной страны , Sigmanet
D. Zeps (2017) Project Russia: законодательство собственной , Sigmanet
D. Zeps (2017) Project Russia: Project: Russia. eng., Sigmanet
D. Zeps (2017) Project Russia: О недописанной пактике , Sigmanet

D.Zeps (1988), MathPages

Educational Papers:

D. Zeps (2012) On Dirac Magnetic Monopole and Hopf Fibration. In Latvian, DropBox

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