This program main goal is creating icons on desktop for iconless windows

managers. Difference is fully animated GIF's as icons. Suport only GIF image

format. Launch command when user make a click on icon.




# cd xicorun-source-dir

# make

# make install




xicorun have options:


(where WIDTH, HEIGHT, XOFF, and YOFF are numbers) for specifying a preferred

size and location for this application's main window. (man X)

-image path_to_image.gif

File to display as icon. Size is not limited. Animated frames is not limited.

-command "program arguments"

This option specifies the program (and its command line arguments) to be run


Use background window for icon. Some GIF's are not correctly displayed without

background window. This option turn off Shape of icon. Use -window option if

xicorun overload X server.


Start single xicon

# xicorun -geometry +20+20 -image gif/lol.gif -command xterm

This one start icon on left top corner of root window with 20 pixel offset on X

and Y axis.


You can use start-xicorun shell script to start multiple xicorun. It uses file

.xicorunrc in the user homedir. start-xicorun cannot use more than single word

as -command argument.




Q: Is xicorun realy lightweight?

A: No. Count of animated icons or even single big icon can make xicorun as a

fatest launcher around the world. xicorun is not CPU intensive task, but xicorun

give orders to X server, which are CPU intensive.


Q: Where is double click?

A: Double click is a way how to computer nerds and cyber punks mock at us.


Q: Where is title or subtitle?

A: This version is for illiterate people.


Q: When xicorun support XYZ image format.

A: Never. Convert XYZ to gif. (convert from package ImageMagic)


Q: What about patents?

A: The GIF image format had some patent problems in the past, but according to

the Free Software Foundation, "The Software Freedom Law Center says that after 1

October 2006, there will be no significant patent claims interfering with

employment of the GIF format."