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console kernel patch

  This is a Linux kernel patch based on the project. My patch applies cleanly to 2.6.9. It will allow you to run two or more independ consoles with independ keyboards and mice. During the current project status it allows for two or more simultaneous X servers to be run with independ keyboards and mice.
  This in turn allows to simulate net gaming. Quake3Arena in one of the games which run just fine simultaneously.
  Of course it is not nessarly that you are interested in games to gain something from the usage of this project on your systems. You can benefit much more if you utilise this project on PC's in your small office, in internet-cafes/clubs, in the PC rooms at schools or universities. It will save you a lot of cost and time for the administration of the installed systems.

Necessary architecture: i386 alias "Intel x86"
Necessary Linux Kernel: 2.6.9 or 2.4.27
Necessary XFree86: 4.X.X Your distribution binaries work as well