Main goal of this fake TTY driver is multi seat Linux box creation
without any patch under Debian stable or Mandriva 2005 LE , which distros
contains -isolateDevice patch of X.

    Recent Linux kernel does not force us use evdev or tty layer. Even sytem
operator can load new input handler. Actualy i write faketty kernel module,
which create device file for each keyboard. That device file emulate TTY layer.
Keypress events are translated to standard TTY layer keycodes. These keycodes
can use X for input.

    linux-ruby assign /dev/ttyXX for each keyboard. faketty assign
/dev/fttyXX for each keyboard.

    Current i use simple starting method
# modprobe faketty

Take a look into this, to get know about keyboard name and ftty file.
# cat /proc/bus/input/devices

If you do not use devfs or udev, then make nodes
# mknod /dev/ftty0 c 13 96
# mknod /dev/ftty1 c 13 97
# mknod /dev/ftty2 c 13 98

# rm -f /dev/tty5[0-9]
# ln -s /dev/ftty0 /dev/tty50

Now /dev/tty50 is not standard TTY layer device but new "fake" tty.
Start X via new layer:
# startx -- vt50

    You can use X1wrap file for 2nd X server starting. Please write
right values in that file accordingly comments.

Aivils Stoss